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Culture World: USA
A. Which Summer Camp Is For You? Which summer camp would you like to go to? Why?
Millions of North American children and teenagers go to summer camps every year. At traditional camps the ‘campers’ do outdoor activities, for example, swimming, riding horses, or water-skiing. Many camps specialize in one acttivity – you can learn about ecology, music, science, and many more things. Check out our selection of camps.
Mountain adventure
Walk and climb in the beautiful North Cascades (Washington State), then camp under the stars next to a lake. You learn about plants and animals and how to survive in the mountains.
Calliing all artists!
Be an artist at our Arts Cantre for students aged 13-18. We have courses in art, dance, music and theatre. Our studants have lots of fun and our teachers are excellent.
Circus camp
Would you like to be in a circus? We have classes for beginners and advanced students. More than 500 young people come every year and have a fantastic time with us. This year you can come too!
Whale camp
Come to Grand manan Island (between USA and Canada) and watch whales. Go round the island in a kayak and take photos of other sea animals and birds. Learn about ecology with marine biologists.
Fashion design
Are you the next Louis Vuitton or Giorgio Armani? Design and make your own clothes, then wear them at the fashion show.
Space camp
Meet NASA scientists and astronauts. Learn how to walk in space. See the stars in the summer sky. Design and buid your own rocket.
B. Read the magazine page quickly. Match the summer camps with the activities.
1. painting: _________________________________
2: animals: _________________________________
3. making clothes: _________________________________
4. walking in the country: _________________________________
5. science: _________________________________
6. acrobats: _________________________________
C. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F).
1. A lot of US and Canadian children and teenagers go to summer camps. ___
2. Campers can do more than one activity at some summer camps. ___
3. At the Mountain adventure camp you can sleep outside. ___
4. There isn’t a camp for people who like dancing. ___
5. You can go on a boat at the Whale camp. ___
6. At the Space camp you can go up into space in a rocket. ___
D. Your project.
Work in a group. Find out about activites you can do in different places in our country in the summer. Take Da Lat as an example.

Name of place

Name of activity


Da Lat

Hiking and cimbing

Many pine forest, waterfalls.



Many kinds of flowers all year round.
Visit ethnic villages.


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