chọn đáp án đúng

đào thị nguyệt đã hỏi 2 năm trước
  1. Nowadays, a number of parents still have preference for boys **** girls.A. ratherB. thanC. overD. instead
    1. Women’s salaries are getting more important **** their household income.A. atB. toC. inD. within
    1. I think everybody should be provided **** equal access to health services.A. withB. onC. forD. to
    1. Gender discrimination must **** in order to create a better society.A. eliminateB. be eliminatingC. be eliminatedD. eliminated
    1. This company can **** for wage discrimination among workers of different genders.A. be suedB. be suingC. sueD. sued
    1. Poor women in disadvantaged areas should **** more help by governments.A. offerB. be offeredC. be offeringD. offered
    1. Married women should be encouraged **** a career of their preference.A. pursuedB. pursueC. to pursueD. from pursuing
    1. Domestic violence **** women and girls must be wiped out at any cost.A. onB.atC.forD. against
    1. Having good education enables women **** equality.A. to achieveB. achieveC. to achievingD. Achteved
    1. We all need to cooperate to fight**** racism and gender discrimination.A. forB. againstC. inD. about
    1. The women in this company have been demanding equal pay____ equal work.A. againstB. onC. forD. with

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