chọn đáp án đúng

đào thị nguyệt đã hỏi 2 năm trước

. Nam: “Would you rather have a male or a female secretary?” Lan: “____”

A. I want to have a female one.

B. The number of female secretaries is increasing.

C. The number of female secretaries is staying the same.

D. Female secretaries outnumber male ones.

  1. Lan: “How do the roles of men and women differ in your family?” Nam: “____”

    A. Most of men don’t want to stay at home.

    B. Women are changing their roles.

    C. Most men are very bossy and arrogant.

    D. Men are breadwinners and women are caregivers.

  2. Nam: “Which gender, do you think, works harder: male or female? Lan: “____”

    A. I think it depends on individuals rather than gender.

    B. Males like high position jobs more than females.

    C. Females prefer to have a stable job.

    D. Both males and females are responsible for childcare.

  3. Nam: “Which gender spends most of the time shopping?” Lan: “____”

    A. Shopping has always been my hobby.

    B. More and more people are shopping online these days.

    C. Both genders like shopping.

    D. It depends on who keeps the money.

  4. Nam: “Which gender is most likely to ask strangers for directions?” Lan: “____”

    A. Men sometimes ask strangers for directions as well.

    B. Women are because their sense of space and directions is worse.

    C. Both men and women can use GPS these days.

    D. GPS is very useful to help car drivers.

  5. Nam: “Why are there generally so few women in top positions?” Lan: “____”

    A. Top positions are the highest in career ladder. B. Top positions are hard to climb to.

    C. I guess men tend to make better leaders. D. Women also want to climb to top positions.

  6. Nam: “Which gender tends to live longer?”

    Lan: “____”

    A. Women tend to live 5 years longer than men. B. Women like a peaceful and quiet life.

    C. Men want to live an active life. D. Both men and women tend to live longer.

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