Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best completes the sentence

DANH SÁCH CÂU HỎIDanh mục đơn: Nhờ bạn bè giải bài tậpChoose the word (A, B, C or D) that best completes the sentence
Nguyễn Anh Vũ đã hỏi 2 năm trước

We haven’t seen him we left school.

A. for B. since C. when D. while

My bicyclesince last night.

A. has been stolen B. was stolen C. stole D. is stolen

I’m returning to England the end of this month.

A. on B. in C. at D. for

If you more slowly, he might understand you.

A. speak B. spoke C. to speak D. speaking

You gave him nothing, ?

A. don’t you B. doesn’t you C. did you D. didn’t you

My family live and we always supportive of one another.

A. happy B. happily C. happyly D. happiness

Hoa is bad atEnglish, but she is good writing it.

A. speak/at B. speaking/at C. speaking/in D. speaking/on

I don’t like people are never on time.

A. whom B. who C. whose D. which

I managed to finish all the work I was very tired.

A. so B. but C. although D. because

The supermarket was completely destroyed in the fire has now been rebuilt.

A. who B. which C. whom D. whose

He refused with me, but I could at last persuade him to go with me.

A. go B. to go C. going D. having gone

He told me him some money because he didn’t have enough money to buy a new hat.

A. lend B. lending C. to lend D. having lent

The old man went across the street.

A. slow B. slowly C. fast D. hard

Let’s out tonight, shall we?

A. eat B. eating C. ate D. have eaten

He suggests that we early tomorrow morning.

A. started B. to start C. starting D. should start

Mary’s eyes are badly near-sighted. , she has to wear glasses.

A Therefore B. Besides C. However D. Also

his old age, Mr. Brown goes jogging every day.

A. In spite B. Although C. However D. Despite

One of the reasons I couldn’t go on holiday last year was that I was ill.

A. which B. why C. when D. where

He is the man novel was the best seller last year.

A. who B. which C. whose D. that

My mother always picks me _____from school at 5 p. m.

A. up B. out C. off D. in

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