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A new threat to our health seems to have arisen in our midst, confusion and stress caused by technology. All you need to do to (51) this to yourself is to telephone a large company; a recorded voice will offer you a bewildering list of choices, and when you have finished answering its questions, you will probably be (52) to several minutes of piped music before you eventually make (53) with a human being. But the stress you undergo as a result is negligible compared to the impression the telegraph (54) on people 150 years ago. Until then, messages could only travel as fast as a messenger could carry them. But now they could be sent great distances in seconds. Before long, submarine cables were (55) across the oceans, and thirty years later, the network reached 20,000 towns around the world. When the first transatlantic cable was completed in 1858, the Queen and the President exchanged messages, preachers found (56) for it in the Bible, and the New York jewellers, Tiffany’s, bought unused pieces of the cable and sold them as souvenirs. But then, as now, everyone was not (57) of the technological advantages. Information arrived so quickly, often (58) what had previously been transmitted, that businessmen had to work much harder to (59) up with developments. They arrived home tired and stressed. If we find difficulty with the Internet, which is technological evolution, not revolution, our (60) had a far harder task in getting used to the invention in the first place.

  1. A. confirm B. prove C. show D. test
  2. A. oppressed B. subdued C. subjected D. submitted
  3. A. collision B. connection C. communication D. contact
  4. A. did B. got C. made D. worked
  5. A. Said B. lain C. put D. set
  6. A. apology B. argument C. excuse D. justification
  7. A. believed B. convinced C. pleased D. satisfied
  8. A. contradicting B. differing C. disagreeing D. objecting
  9. A. keep B. maintain C. remain D. stay
  10. A. ancestors B. elders C. fathers D. forerunner

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