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EXERCISE 4: Choose the best option to complete each sentence:

  1. Of the four dresses, which is ………………..expensive?

    A. the best B. the most C. the more D. the greater

  2. The larger the apartment, the………………. the rent.

    A. expensive B. more expensive C. expensively D. most expensive

  3. The faster we walk,………….. we will get there.

    A. the soonest B. the soon C. the more soon D. the sooner

  4. “ Why did you buy these oranges? ” “They were ……….….. I could find. ”

    A. cheapest B. cheapest ones C. the cheapest ones D. the most cheapest

  5. She plays the piano …………… as she sings.

    A. as beautifully B. more beautifully C. as beautiful D. the most beautifully

  6. The streets are getting more and …………… these days.

    A. crowded B. less crowded C. more crowded D. most crowded

  7. The larger the city, …………… the crime rate.

    A. highest B. higher C. the highest D. the higher

  8. You must explain your problems …………….

    A. as clear as you can B. as clearly as you can C. as clear than you are D. as clearly as you are

  9. Pil is ……………… person we know.

    A. the happier B. the happiest C. happier D. happiest

  10. Which woman are you going to vote for? –I’m not sure. Everyone says that Joan is………….

    A. smarter B. the smarter C. more smarter D. more smart

  11. Bill is ………………

    A. lazier and lazier B. more and more lazy C. lazier and more lazy D. more lazy and lazier

  12. It’s too noisy here. Can we go somewhere …………………?

    A. noisier B. more quiet C. more noisy D. quieter

  13. ………………..the time passes, …………….I feel ! The deadline of my thesis is coming, but I have just finished half of it.

    A. The faster / the nervous B. The more fast / the nervous

    C. The fast / the more nervous D. The faster / the more nervous

  14. China is the country with…………………..population.

    A. the larger B. the more large C. the largest D. the most large

  15. She sat there quietly, but during all that time she was getting…………….Finally she exploded.

    A. more and more angry B. the more angry C. angrier and angrier D. the most angry

  16. For ……………….., it is certain that in the future some things will be very different.

    A. the better or the worse B. the good or the bad C. good or bad D. better or worse

  17. Her grandfather’s illness was…………………..we thought at first.

    A. more seriously as B. as seriously as B. more serious than D. as serious than

  18. My brother was feeling tired last night, so he went to bed…………..usual.

    A. more early than B. as early as C more earlier as D. earlier than

    19. you study for these exams, you will do.

    A. The harder / the better B. The more / the much

    C. The hardest / the best D. The more hard / the more good

  19. His house is ___ mine.

    A. twice as big as B. as twice big as C. as two times big as D. as big as twice

  20. No one else in the class plays the guitar __ John.

    A. as well B. as far as C. so well as D. as soon as

  21. The town was nearer _____ we thought it would be.

    A. then B. that C. as D. than

  22. the economic conditions today are _ they were in the past.

    A. much more good B. much better than C. much better D. the best than

    24.Peter is ____ student in my class.

    A. taller than B. so tall as C. the talllest D. tallest

    25.The deep oceans contain some of the __ of all living creatures.

    A. strangest B. strange C. as strange as D. stranger

    26.Jane is not _ her brother.

    A. more intelligent as B. intelligent as C. so intelligent as D. so intelligent that

    27.He drives as __ his father does.

    A. careful as B. more carefully C. the most careful D. carefully as

    28.What’s the __ film you’ve ever seen.

    A. good B. best C. better D. the best

    29.Jane is __ age as Mary.

    A. as same B. the most same C. the same D. more same

    30.I’ll be there _ I can.

    A. sooner as B. no sooner as C. as soon as D. soonest as

    31.This shirt and that one __.

    A. alike B. are alike C. as like as D. the same

    32.I would rather do any job __ be jobless.

    A. beeter than B. more than C. than D. so than

    33.It is not so hot today as it __ yesterday.

    A. is B. was C. will be D. has been

    34.Mr. Lam cannot earn _ his wife.

    A. as many money as B. as much money as C. as many money than D. as much money than

    35.I like Enlish __ French.

    A. than B. more C. less D. better than

    36.The salary of a bus driver is much higher _ a teacher.

    A. as that of B. than that of C. for D. to compare with

    37.Lili cannot swim as fast as __ can.

    A. I B. me C. my D. mine

    38.My car is _ yours.

    A. more fast and economical than B. more fast and more economical than

    C. faster and economical as D. faster and more economical than

    39.I want to buy some shoes the ones you have on.

    A. like B. are like C. are alike D. likely

    40.Mary and her mother do not .

    A. alike B. look like C. look alike D. like

    41.Despite its smaller size, the Indian Ocean the Alantic Ocean.

    A. as deep as B. is the same deep as C. deeper as D. is as deep as

    42.Sharon ____ from other women I know.

    A. different B. as different C. differs D. more different

    43.This one is prettier, but it costs as the other one.

    A. as much as B. twice as much C. as many D. twice as many

    44.You can take __ as you want.

    A. as many B. as much C. so much D. too many

    45.Of the two sisters, Linda __ .

    A. is beautiful B. the most beautiful C. is more beautiful D. is so beautiful as

    46.The lab is from the bus stop than the library.

    A. far B. farther C. furthur D. B and C

    47.The __ accident in the history of the city occurred last night on the Freeway.

    A. badest B.most bad C. worse D. worst

    48.He finished the test _ of all.

    A. rapidly B. the most rapidly C. most rapidly D. more rapidly

    49.Many chemicals react __ in acid solutions.

    A. more quick B. more quickly C. quicklier D. as quickly more

    50.It’s becoming __ to find a job.

    A. more difficult and more B. more and more difficult

    C. most and more difficult D. more difficult than

    51.__ electricity you use, _ your bill will be.

    A. more / higher B. the most / the higher C. the more / the high D. the more / the higher

    52.The more I got to know Tom, I liked him.

    A. least B. the less C. the least D. the fewer

    53.The room in the front __ noisier than those in the back.

    A. are more B. are little C. are much D. are very

    54.__ you are, __ you concentrate.

    A. Tired / the least hard B. The more tired / the harder

    C. The tireder / the harder D. The tired / the harder

    55.__ the man gets, __ he becomes.

    A. the more old / the more weak B. the older / the weaker

    C. the older / the weakest D. older / weaker

    56.Of all the candidates, Mr. Hung is probably __.

    A. the less qualified B. the qualified less C. the most little qualified D. the least qualified

    57. a car is, __ it is.

    A. the expensive / the comfortabler B. the most expensive /the most comfortable

    C. the more expensive / the more comfortable D. the less expensive / the more comfortable

    58.His house is _ mine.

    A. larger and more comfortable than B. the most large and comfortable than

    C. more large and comfortable than D. the largest and more comfortable than

    59.___ 100 billion stars are in the Milky Way.

    A. As many as B. As much as C. As more as D. As most as

    60.The CDs here are more expensive __ over there.

    A. those B. than those C. than that D. than this

    61.These two girls __ that I can’t tell them apart.

    A. are so like B. are so alike C. are too alike D. alike enough

    62. other mammals, whales do not have a sense of smell.

    A. Not alike B. Unlike C. Unlikely D. Dislike

    63.The stomach of a cow, __ that of other ruminants, is divided into four compartments.

    A. likely B. similar C. same D. like

    64.The larger the drop of water, __ freezing temperature.

    A. the higher its B. its higher C. higher than its D. higher of its

    65.Automobiles, airplanes, and buses use more energy per passenger __ .

    A. trains do B. as trains C. as are trains D. than trains do

    66.“would you like to try this hat?” “Have you got one __. ”

    A. with a wider brim B. a wider brim C. wich a wider brim D. a wider brim than

    67.A cat would be ¬¬¬¬ to look after __ a dog.

    A. easy / than B. easier / than C. easy / to D. the easiest / than

    68.The Duke of Westminster is .

    A. second richest person B. the richest second person

    C. the second richest person D. the richest the second

    69.The younger you are, it is to learn.

    A. easier B. you are easier C. the easier D. the easy

    70.___ porpoises and dolphins, whales are mammals.

    A. As B. Also C. Like D. When

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