Complete the letter

Minh Y đã hỏi 3 năm trước

Dear Sir,

  1. I/like/stay/your hotel/2 nights/end/this month
  2. You/kind/reserve/single room/me?
  3. I/arrive/evening/July 28/leave/July 30
  4. If/ possible/I prefer/room first floor/private bath
  5. I/expect/breakfast/evening meal/not lunch
  6. I/glad/know/you/manage/his reservation
  7. When/reply/please/send/list/hotel charges
1 câu trả lời
Nguyễn Nhi đã trả lời 3 năm trước
  1. I like to stay in your hotel 2 nights at the end of this month.
  2. Could You kindly reserve a single room for me?
  3. I will arrive in the evening on July 28 and leave on July 30.
  4. If possible, I prefer a room on the first floor with private bath.
  5. I expect breakfast, evening meal, not lunch.
  6. I’m glad to know if you camanage this reservation.
  7. When you reply, please send me a list of your hotel charges.

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