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luong thu phuong đã hỏi 2 năm trước
  1. it doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced climber or not, moutaineering can still be dangerous

=> however spite of their game, the team lost

=> despite the fact that

3…….., he was determined to continue to climb up the mountain

A.he felt tired though he might feel tired C.tired as it was D.tired as he might feel

4.the sky was cloudy and foggy. We went to he beach,….. B.however C.even though D.yet

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Phan Viễn đã trả lời 2 năm trước

1) However you are an experienced climber, moutaineering can still be dangerous.

2) despite the fact that it was the game, the team lost.

3) A

4) D

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