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Do Thi Duyen đã hỏi 2 năm trước
    1. Choose an ungrammatical sentence and correct the error(s). (3×13)

    Caution: a. There can be more than one error in a sentence.

    1. There can be more than one ungrammatical sentence. (maximum 2)
    2. When you’re correcting, try not to change the meaning of the sentence or at least, minimize the change.
    3. Do not correct unless it is necessary.


    1. a. Some sports stars are badly treated by the newspapers and other media.
    2. Circulars and other junk mail go straight in(to) the bin.
    3. I don’t’ think I can do it. I’ve got other thing to do.
    4. He lives in the other side of the street.


    1. a. There was a sofa and two chairs in the room.
    2. Only the rich are allowed in this club.
    3. Neither men are easy to please.
    4. I think measles are horrible illness.


    1. a. I don’t know any of the people present at the meeting.
    2. This is one of the most embarrassed stories I have ever read.
    3. Bill is fun to go out with.
    4. The attack was not reported to authorities.


    1. a. I need some fresh air. I think I’ll go out for a walk.
    2. There was a short break for refreshments and I had coffee and some cookies.
    3. The office is closed and staff are on strike.
    4. She’s had nine months’ experience as secretary.


    1. a. You’ll be able to win prizes galore.
    2. This river is dangerous to cross.
    3. He’s liable to make a fuss if you wake him.
    4. Suez Canal flows through north of Egypt from Port Said to Suez.


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