Prepositions and phrasal verbs

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Complete each of the following sentences with a suitable preposition or particle.

  1. He’s been to the USA. Australia and India this year. He certainly gets ____!
  2. The elaborate bridal costumes of the coastal Indians are handed ____ from mother to daughter.
  3. I could probably work ____ the answer if I had a pencil, some paper and a calculator.
  4. Delilah wasn’t at all hungry’, and could only toy ____ the food on her plate.
  5. As the years passed, Joe’s memories of his terrible experience faded ____, and hebegan to lead a normal life again.
  6. As darkness fell, there was nothing but to make ____ the nearest village.
  7. There is no time to do anything but touch briefly ____ the most important points.
  8. Look, I take it all ____ I should never have spoken like that.
  9. The official looked quickly ____ my file, and then handed it back to me.
  10. You shouldn’t have sent Sebastian that Valentine’s card. I think you’ve scared him ____.

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