Rewrite these sentences (Make suggestions)

DANH SÁCH CÂU HỎIDanh mục đơn: Nhờ bạn bè giải bài tậpRewrite these sentences (Make suggestions)
Nguyễn Danh Đức Minh đã hỏi 1 năm trước
  1. “Let’s wear masks before going out.”, said my mother.

    My mother suggested

  2. Mr. Jones said to Nam: “Stop talking.”

    Mr. Jones suggested

  3. Linda said: “Why don’t we organize a show to raise money.”

    Linda suggested

  4. Mai said: “Why don’t you write sentences with new words, Lan?”

    Mai suggested

  5. The teacher suggests that everyone should do a lot of exercises.

    The teacher suggests that a lot of

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Yoom H Surber đã trả lời 1 năm trước

-My mother suggested wearing masks before going out.

-Mr. Jones suggested Nam to stop talking.

-Linda suggested organizing a show to raise money.

-Mai suggested Lan write sentences with new words.

-The teacher suggests that a lot of excises should be excercised by her students.

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