Viết một bài văn về món ăn yêu thích

DANH SÁCH CÂU HỎIDanh mục đơn: Nhờ bạn bè giải bài tậpViết một bài văn về món ăn yêu thích
Huyền nguyễn đã hỏi 4 năm trước

Giúp đỡ: Viết một bài văn về món ăn yêu thích

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Minh đã trả lời 4 năm trước

Một số đoạn văn mẫu cho bạn tham khảo:
I have a breakfast in the morning, a lunch is in the noon and a dinner is in the evening. In the morning, I often eat bread or rice and drinking fruit drink, sometimes i eat porridge. In the noon, I often eat rice with foods and in the evening, I eat rice with foods, too.
I want to cut down my fat belly, so I eat one rice bowl per meal. I also eat snacks in the afternoon in everyday, I sometimes eat with my friends and we are very happy, I prefer to eat at home than eat out, because I like eating pizza, spagetti, xap xap, bot chien.
I always drinkg milk at before go to bed in the evening. I also eat fruit, because they are delicious and nutritious. I can cook, but i am not good at this.

Vietnam is famous with its traditional and delicious dishes. All of them easioly bring to anyone’s mouth indeed, but as myself, I enjoy spring rolls best. Spring rolls are lightly fried rice -paper rolls, smaller and crispier than Chinese egg rolls but more flavorful. They are filled with highly seasons morsels of crab, shrimp, chopped vegetables, onion, mushroom, vermicelli and eggs. To prepare them, place the above mentioned filling on a thin rice pancake, roll up then fry. Finally, spring rolls, when fully prepared, are wrapped into some kinds of fresh vegetables, then doused in fish sauce. My mother usually cooks spring rolls for me, especially on important days in year, such as Tet holiday. When I eat them, I feel all of my mother’s love that she reserves for me. To me, they’re like the most special dish in this world.

Do you like fast food? Lots of people complain about it but I think a lot of it’s quite tasty – as long as you go to one of the international chains like McDonalds or Kentucky.
I think in today’s world, it’s difficult to avoid eating in fast food restaurants. They are so convenient and seem to be everywhere. Of course they’re not the same as real restaurants. I wonder if they are restaurants. There aren’t any waiters.
Anyway, the most important thing to remember about fast food is that it isn’t so healthy. People who eat it every day develop health problems. I don’t understand why schools serve fast food during lunch time. Schools should encourage students to eat healthily.
If you have time, look at a website on slow food.

Tuấn Bi đã trả lời 4 năm trước
Hi! Everybody. What kinds of foods do you like? My favourite food is Pho. Pho is the most popular food among the population and it plays an importance thing in the spirit of Vietnamese people, especially the people who live in Ha Noi. Anyone feels hungry in a short time in the morning can also
enjoy a bowl of hot and spicy Pho to fill their empty stomach. Have many Pho but there are two main kind of Pho: Pho with beef and Pho with chicken. The ingredients of Pho are rice noodles and borth which is generally made by simmering bones, flanlsteak charred onion and spices, it takes several hours to prepare. When people eat Pho they can add some kind of thing such as chilli, peper,”dam”…I love Pho very much I can eat it everyday without boring. I’m sure that you do it, too. Wherever in Vietnam Pho is special food.

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