Viết văn tiếng anh

DANH SÁCH CÂU HỎIViết văn tiếng anh
Tiên bánh bao đã hỏi 4 năm trước
Viết 2 bài tiếng Anh 5 – 7 câu về phòng ngủ + phòng khách theo yêu cầu
+ Phòng khách : phải có đèn, ghế sofa, bàn đựng hoa, tivi, tủ, tranh
+ Phòng ngủ : giường, bàn ghế, máy tính, đồng hồ, sách vở, cửa sổ, tranh
Sử dụng thì hiện tại đơn nha
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living room:

Our house is small, so my living room isn’t that big. It has a dimable light on the ceiling, which you can change from warm white to daylight color. It has a huge, pet-friendly couch, because my house has a lot of pets. Next to the couch is a stand, where we usually put a small lamp there. But this stand can also be used to hold a flower vase. Opposite to the couch is a large TV, which we use it as a computer monitor, since we don’t really watch TV. There are two pictures behind the couch. One is painted by our brother, and the other is from a sidewalk. We have a small, build-in shelf, where we put our speaker and a few decortive things there.

bed room:

Our bed room has a queen-size bed with a storage headboard, where we, sometimes, put our laptop. We have a small desk with a few notebooks and books on top of it. Above the desk is a clock to help us keeping track of time while working or doing homework. Next to the bed are two small windows with very heavy curtains. On the wall behind the desk is another painted drawing by our brother.

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